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Forward House

Dedicated volunteers are working towards transforming the Forward House into a great new community resource.

A Brief History… Both the Forward and Carman houses were built by Loyalist Michael Carman IlI, c. 1815-1820. During the War of 1812-14, the British military requested that Carman build a fort at Point Iroquois. He cleared the trees, was paid in full, but the deal was cancelled and the fort was never built. The timber harvested by Carman from

the Point was likely used in the construction of both dwellings. Carman’s grand-daughter Maria and her husband John Forward later inherited the home and thus the name of Forward House.

Forward and Carman Houses are two of only three stone houses left standing in Iroquois that predate the building of the St. Lawrence Seaway and the subsequent loss of much of the village of old Iroquois (1955-1958). The Forward and Carman houses and lands were transferred to the Village of Iroquois upon completion of the Seaway project.

Since then, Carman house was carefully restored and operates today as a living history museum. Forward house was used in different capacities until, in need of important repairs, it was slated for demolition by the Municipality in 2017. Thanks to a community-driven petition containing over 800 signatures and efforts by HSSD, the house was

saved from demolition in 2018. Today, the 200-year-old Forward and Carman Houses as well as the visual-physical corridor linking the 2 buildings are of heritage value and interest.

Moving Forward… Forward House sits at the north-west entrance to the Iroquois Waterfront Park at the intersection of Elizabeth Drive and Carman Road and is strategically located in proximity to many other attractions in the area. The business plan for Forward House renewal focuses on financial sustainability and proposes future public use of the building as a home for HSSD activities as well as a heritage and a visitor center. The plan was unanimously approved by council in January, 2022. HSSD now leases the building and is actively fundraising to begin


A Community-driven effort... HSSD is proud to partner with individuals, groups and businesses who share our vision of building community through the power of history. HSSD membership is growing and dedicated volunteers are working towards transforming the Forward House into a great new community resource.

Become a member of HSSD and you will receive updates about work in progress, events and activities. Contribute your time and talents to creating this unique community heritage facility. Volunteers needed! Make a donation or become a Corporate Sponsor and HSSD will provide you with a tax receipt. All contributions, big or small, are gratefully received.

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